uPVC Pipes

Sajan International Pvt. Ltd. is proud to introduce Sajan uPVC Pipe & Fittings and bathroom accessories for water plumbing system. It’s an initiative to deliver a quality plumbing solution to Bangladesh market.

uPVC pipe has passed all tested successfully.

Sajan is equipped with state of art manufacturing facilities with high speed and accurate extruders, injection moulding machines, and world class laboratory equipment imported from world renowned machine manufacturers to ensure best quality uPVC pipe and Fittings, which will give excellent results in all applications for uPVC plumbing system.

We pay close attention to the quality and reliability of the supporting parts of the superstructure of the bridge, use the seismic elastomeric isolators.

uPVC Pipe

Satisfactory plumbing solution

uPVC Fittings

Satisfactory plumbing solution

Bathroom Accessories